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Subject: Upcoming Spamassassin Changes
Date: Sat, Feb 13 2016 -- 8:53 AM
Posted by: Eli Balin - Panix Staff

We will soon be changing the default settings for Spamassassin, for
all users who configure it using the Squirrelmail webmail interface,
unless you opt out. Procmail users of Spamassassin will not be
affected by this change. The changes are:
1. The "Required Score" will be lowered from 5 to 3.
2. Bayesian filtering will be enabled (you can enable this ahead of
time in Options->Spamassassin, if you wish).

We will make the above changes starting on Feb. 29th. Please let us
know if you want to opt out.

An expanded description of the changes is available at: